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The Future of   


This resource brings together the latest advances in neuroscience to create the optimal Learning Process for learners. The Learning Process optimises the brains four learning systems, and when combined with the competencies, everyone learns far more equitably and enjoys far greater agency over their learning. 

This 200 page multimedia download or book can be ordered and downloaded from this site from the 15 Oct 2016

The three mutimedia resources synthesise the educational transitions being made available through the effectiveness and efficiency gains brought about by the global paradigm shift that is currently taking place in learning. For the first time ever we have the potential to dramatically improve how we can all learn and become successful, independent lifelong learners by passing on the agency for learning from the teacher to the student. 

The Future of 


This revolutionary text tells the story of how our four integrated learning and memory systems can learn more effectively and efficiently than we ever imagined. 

Available for download
15 Oct 2016


Mark Treadwell

Mark is one of the worlds most influential educators today, pesenting keynote speeches, lectures and workshops as well as working with schools and school systems to implement the Learning Process. Details

Today's world demands these capability sets;

1. Being competent
2. Knowing how to learn 
3. Building a concpetual understanding of the world learners will live in

... and how to apply their creativity to be innovative and ingenious.