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1. The Future of Learning has now been released here in three different formats:  The free to...
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The Global Curriculum Project

The Global Conceptual Curriculum can be used in any country, meeting the outcomes of all curricula by providing a conceptual approach to learning rather than the standard thematic/context approach. 

The  Global Conceptual Curriculum's efficiency is based on learners developing agency via being competent and knowing how to apply the Learning Process. This approach enables learners to learn far more efficiently, providing them time to follow their learning passions.

The needs of learners in our schools is changing dramatically but what is the future of learning? After twelve years of research and the trialling of solutions in schools across a range of countries, a framework of resources have been created to assist educators in developing curricula that prepares our young people for this emerging new world. These resources will be released via The Global Curriculum Project, over the next 12 months. The first of those resources is available from here now. Welcome to:
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Global Competence 

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