The Learning Process

Understanding that we are the only species that have all four semi-autonomous but integrated learning systems how do we optimise that integrated system to learn far more efficiently? The answer is the application of the 

Learning Process


Step 5 - Creativity - Innovation & Ingenuity

Creativity is the ability of the hippocampus and the amygdala (structures within the brain) to sense productive combinations of brainwaves and manage and store memories of these productive outcomes. Productive combinations create resonance and/or interference profiles that the amygdala is able to sense and map. These resonant and/or interference profiles are indicators of possible productive combinations of ideas, concepts and/or concept frameworks that may meet the solution criteria we are searching for.

Creativity is involved at every stage of the Learning Process so it is important to provide the time and space for the reflective process to be regularly applied. To optimise creativity we need to engage daydreaming prompts and triggers to take our knowledge, ideas, concepts and concept frameworks and reconfigure them in new ways. This is a critical process, as creativity is the gateway to being innovative and ingenious.

Countries often view increasing their levels of innovation as a solution to their economic woes, and to a degree it can be part of a solution. Innovation is the first part of a two-part solution to creating new products, systems and environments.

Innovation is the result of applying creatively composed combinations of knowledge elements, ideas, concepts and concept frameworks to meet particular needs or opportunities.

It is our ingenuity that allows us to take the innovative ideas, concepts or concept frameworks and develop those into new products, processes or environments that have value.

Innovation requires a composite set of personal qualities and thinking strategies that are encapsulated within the competencies. We need to be aware of and practice the competencies in order to be innovative and ingenious. Innovation and ingenuity are responses to the needs and opportunities that are present within our community. There are many innovative and ingenious solutions that the community does not respond to and so not all innovative and ingenious solutions are economic or social success stories.