Making Changes

It has taken us 30 years to allow learners in our 
schools to use technology to help them do their 
research and write their essays. But, how many of you 
think we should allow these same learners to

take any device they want into the their tests
and their examinations?  

Why do we not like this idea?

Because we educators use technology to 'cheat' every day
- how is that different for our learners?


Is learning from watching a video clip less of a learning 
experience than learning from reading a text book? Is being interviewed on
video about what a learner understands
and submitting this, less of an academic task than creating
a written response? 

Why do we prefer learners to write their ?


The changing nature of learning is confronting us in many different ways and we have
to start rethinking our stereotyped interpretation.of intelligence and what is worth learning