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 Finally the resource titled "Learning" has been released. It was felt that the resource was so important for all educators to access that we have released this as a free electronic download. The physical book can be ordered from here for $NZ34.95

28 September 2017

The Future of Learning -

The PDF is now a FREE download

The Global Competencies

This resource is due for release in late September 2017

The Global Learning Domains

This is due for release in Feb 2018 (following final trials with schools)

'The Global Competencies' and the 'Global Learning Domains' are mapped conceptually, and as such they are context free and can be used in any country in the world.

each of these resources has been mapped across five developmental levels suitable fpr year levels 0-10 (5-15 years of age). Samples of both these resources can be found in the final chapters of the resource: 'The Future of Learning'