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21 August 2011

Mark Treadwell Consultancy
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"Brilliant; Entertaining, Authoritative & Inspirational"

Mark Treadwell is an international author, conference and workshop presenter and he has spoken around the world on the future of education as well as providing the resources that can enable that future.

Mark Treadwell

 Mark is an independent education consultant. He has presented keynote addresses to over 250 national and international conferences over the past 5 years including the International Confederation of Principals (2007), The 21st Century Learning Conference in Hong Kong (2008) , the Irish Principals Association (2007); Australasian Distance Education conference (2009); International Thinking Conference (KL 2009); British Schools Conference: (Chile 2010); NSW Secondary and Primary Principals conference (20009/10); and the International Science & Technology Educators Conference (Estonia 2010).


 Mark was chosen as the ACEL Australian Travelling Scholar in 2008.

Mark is also a director and business partner in a software development company that has built the KnowledgeNET Learning Management System ( and developed the Watchdog web filtering and security systems (

Mark has pent the last 12 years completing a trilogy of resources (see below) around the theme of “Whatever” and the disengagement of learners and the new requirements 21st century is placing on new teaching and learning practices. His conference presentations and work with schools focuses on how 21st century schools, educators and learners will function in a world where knowledge is increasing exponentially and how the accompanying paradigm shift in learning will overwhelm us unless we purposefully and strategically plan for it and drive it, rather than it driving us.

Mark presents using a highly informative, entertaining and engaging style using a wide range of online resources and contemporary research references to back up the predictions and models that are presented.

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Mark is available via Skpye calls, VideoConference or in person.


 The “Whatever!” Series of Resources

  • Whatever! School 2.0: The paradigm shift in learning from being oral centric prior to the 1500’s and then text centric with the invention of the printing press is now refocused on a centricity around the internet. With each paradigm shift in learning there has been an accompanying shift in global power and a Renaissance period as the efficiency of learning increased dramatically. School 2.0 will be one of the results of this second global paradigm shift. This resource investigates the philosophical and theoretical framework that underpins the transformation to school version 2.0. (400pp 600 research references 100 diagrams) Status: completed and available from
  • Whatever Next? The Conceptual Curriculum:  The global conceptual scaffold, maps the conceptual development of each of the competencies (Thinking/Communication/Managing Self/Engagement/Collaboration as well as each of the learning areas (Health & Wellbeing, Science, English, Technology, Social Science, Mathematics, The Arts) (340pp 140 research references 30 diagrams) Status: completed and available from   
  • Whatever! Were We Thinking?: If we are to truly understand learning we need to understand how the mind works and how people really think.  This text provides that up to date review of our current knowledge of brain processes and the implications that this has for the development of optimal teaching and learning practices (365pp 460 research references 60 diagrams) Status: completion date August 2011  



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