The Future of Learning Free download

The Future of Learning Free download
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The Future of Learning 

This is a free download from here: This 200pp resource provides a window into the future of learning that is now urgently required in all schools - NOW! We need to prepare our young people for this century; a century where our learners are increasingly using YouTube to learn about what they need to learn, Just in Time; an era where our personal, social and work places are all experiencing enormous rates of change. How do we prepare learners a world that is increasingly complex; and one that is now demanding high levels of personal competency. 

This journey begins with an emerging model for how our brain learns. Understanding this background provides us with the capacity to defining what the Learning process looks like (formally referred to as the inquiry process).  

The human brain is extraordinary, but even more extraordinary is how little we have understood its capacity to learn. As humans, we alone have all four +(1) learning systems, allowing us to take our overwhelmingly rich sensory data to create knowledge and leverage that to build ideas and concepts and then apply those innovatively and ingeniously.

The Learning Process harnesses this potential, allowing intelligence to be far more equitable than we ever imagined – alllearners are intelligent, and it is time everyone has the opportunity to fulfil the inherent potential that lays within. 

The physical copy of 'The Future of Learning' is accompanied with access to the electronic PDF version. The electronic version is updated every four months to ensure we are keeping you up to date with the very latest information on learning and how we can make that both relevant and equitable. 


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